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Mottahedeh @ Mottahedeh 78 days ago • Dec. 15, 2023 • 9:59 AM
Mottahedeh's votive collection make the perfect double holiday gift. First a wonderful fragrance fills your room then after the candle is done you are left with a beautiful covered porcelain container. Use it for jewelry bedside, in the bathroom for small goods or the entrance foyer to hide your keys and spare change.
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Wendy @ Mottahedeh Nov. 30, 2020 • 3:50 PM • 1,188 days ago
When the fragrance is a memory, the vessel is a treasure.
Fourteen votives fill out the assortment.
The vessel styles are our favorite well-known porcelain patterns. We use high quality wax and 100% palm free vegetable oil with a smoke free burn.  Each porcelain pattern is matched with a scent.The best votive is one that becomes a liquid pool that wafts fragrance gently over time.  We formulated these scents with the famed Vila Hermanos candle producers of ...Read more of post

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