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Vista Alegre, one of the largest manufacturers of porcelain, crystal and glass, and PINEDA COVALIN, an innovative hallmark in Mexican design and luxury, have joined forces to create a collection of exclusive tableware, which translates the identity of both brands. In each piece the emotion of Mexico and Portugal is stamped, giving designers the ability to create objects that combine beauty and utility. Atrapasueños is an amulet that transports us to another dimension, connecting with other fascinating worlds. With the arrival of dawn, dreams mark a new awakening, filled with hopes, desires, memories and people linked with celebrating what we set out on our tables

About Atrapasuenos:
Atrapasueños is the first collection of tableware and giftware born of the partnership signed in 2017 between Vista Alegre and Pineda Covalin, an innovative Mexican luxury emblem, based on the traditions and iconography of this Latin American country.
The collection has as its creative axis the decorative object "hunter of dreams", object nowadays popularized on a global scale, which, according to Mexican legend, is born from the hands of a mother, who knit a net of feathers to hunt the nightmares of her small daughter.