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Shared: Sept. 28, 2017
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Designer / Brand:
About Harvest:
While each of our family members here at Vagabond House may have a different favorite season, we all agree that we fall celebrations and entertaining more than any other time. Our designers have created our Harvest Time Collection to honor the bounty of the fall harvest and capture the beauty of all things that come to mind when we think about fall and harvest.

Turkeys and owls; pears, pumpkins and apples; corn and cornucopias are all things that we love about the harvest. Our designers have created a bounty of fall serve ware in amazing detail from fine pewter, brass and other exquisite materials for our Harvest Time Collection.
Vagabond House table accents and serve ware are designed to be mixed and matched; allowing you to create unique tables for all occasions. Mix Harvest Time with Farmers’ Market and Garden Friends pieces for celebrations where the table design is sure to be as talked about as the fabulous food you serve.
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"We take things from the pastand reinvent them in a fresh and stylish way," says William Meyer.

"We take things from the pastand reinvent them in a fresh and stylish way," says William Meyer.
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