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Shared: June 9, 2022
At Savannah Bee, we know honey, but even this honey surprised us--so much so that we gave it our highest honor, our Gold Reserve title. It's that good.

Make no mistake though, while we gave our Orange Blossom Honey its title, the bees gave it its taste. Honey like this only happens when Nature aligns. An abundant orange blossom season supported by early spring days gave the honeybees the ideal backdrop to do what they do best.

Signature to great orange blossom honey, the flavor and color are light and brimming with notes of citrus. Exceptional in taste and texture, this honey is arguably our most versatile honey. Enjoy it now while it is at its peak flavor profile.

Honeybees visit over 2,500,000 flowers to gather the nectar they then use in the making of their honey. Your bottle will arrive in an artisanal birch wood box, and each bottle is sealed in beeswax, numbered, and signed by our founder and owner Ted. We hope you enjoy every drop.

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