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Alligator Pitcher

What a novel way for a tropical entertainer to serve up a pitcher of cocktails with a bit of a bite! Our clear glass, straight-sided pitcher sits on a detailed pewter base. The unique handle is a realistically detailed, grinning gator that appears to be ready to drive into the cool drinks.

Try serving a pitcher of tropical Mojitos in our "gator" pitcher for a real tropical crowd pleaser.

Gator Pitcher Mojito

10 limes, fresh pulp and juice
30 leaves fresh mint
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup white rum
club soda, chilled

Place lime juice, mint and sugar into Vagabond House gator pitcher. Using a muddle stick mash to release mint oils, and dissolve sugar into juice. Add rum and lots of ice topped with club soda. Add more club soda to glasses if a lighter drink is desired. Garnish glasses with fresh mint and lime slices.

Created by our head designer, our alligator figures were inspired by the American Alligators she often sees basking in shallow waters and sunny roadsides near her Louisiana home. The detailing on our figures is accurate and our hand-finishing process adds to their beauty. Actually shy creatures, alligators are found only in the United States and China. Historians believe they may have been the inspiration for Chinese Dragons and the dragons in myth and legend around the world.

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