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To The Chinese, The Carp Is A Symbol Of Success And Plenty. This Stylized Goldfish Seems To Swim Toward Us, Providing A Splash Of Color In The Center Of Ornately Painted Gold Borders. The Lively Carp With Its Rose Tail, The Vigorous Twist Of Its Body, The Delicate Pectoral Fins And The Endearing Wide-Eyed Innocence Of Its Whiskered Head, Is A Delightful Tour-De-Force. Perhaps Inspired By A Baroque Silver Or Faience Shape, This Platter Was Probably Made For The Portuguese Market. Portuguese Sailed The High Seas Back And Forth From China And Had Developed A Taste For Brightly Painted Chinese Designs.The Platter Was Originally Reproduced By Permission Of The Dallas Museum Of Art, Wendy Reeves Collection. (China, C. 1750-60)

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